What is ID Shooter?
ID Shooter is your pocket personal profile

ID Shooter is a system made of an object (a t-shirt, a bracelet, a necklace, etc.) and a website.
A QR code linked to your personal space on our web site is printed on the object you chose.  Objects are available in stores or on our shop online.
First you have to log in on our web site and then you will be able to create as many Personal Profile as you like. Data you stored in your personal profile will be visible to everyone read the QR Code .
ID Shooter is always to hand. Download our web app to update your Personal Profile whenever you need directly from your smart phone.

The blowfish encryption integrated system ensures best possible data safety.

In your “personal profile” you can enter and upload:
– Textual data (your medical records, your bank details, etc.)
– Pics and images (directly uploaded on your profile or entered from your social network profile such as Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)
– link to your social network profile (Facebook, Linkedn, Google+, Twitter, Instangram, Skype, Tango etc.).
– file (pdf catalogs, airline tickets, word, xls)
– Link (dropbox, GDrive, skydrive etc.